Tools that replace Expensive Software

What if you can lower your company IT expenses just by installing Open source Alternate Software which allows you to reduce your cost by 40% with more flexibility? Not convince with the statement! Yes, As per Gartner, 2009 report approximately 85% of companies surveyed are already using Open Source Applications in 2008. The other 15% surveyed have plans to incorporate Open Source Strategies within their Enterprise incoming years, we also done some of our recent posting where Russia will go Open Source by 2015.  Whether you’re a small business, or you are looking to minimize costs – attached are some of the most cost effective applications on the market that can easily replace some of your more expensive Enterprise solutions and functions.

In 2011, Gartner refers to open-source software as OSS.My, how times have changed. Less than 10 percent of IT organizations used open-source software five years ago. The number rose to 30 percent three-and-a-half years ago. Gartner noted a proportional drop in commercial software usage, which surely is no coincidence.

Most organizations now use commercial and open-source software side by side, particularly for home grown projects. Here we come up with a list of Open source software which can be replaced by the Expensive licensed software.

Open Office – One of the excellent and free alternative to replace the Microsoft Office Suite. The suite provides you with functionality that even Microsoft’s Office suite does not ship with like the ability to convert files to PDF.

Customer Relationship Management

Sugar CRM or vTiger – A highly recommended CRM packages which is Free of cost and Easy to customized.

Content Management Systems & Community Software

Alfresco Open Source Content Management & OpenCMS – Another Content Management application with great promise, and free to utilize.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics – One of the best free analytic dashboards for your web site, which provide you with every details of your website performance

Server Software
Linux – Linux will be one of the most important platform in coming days, I covered this in one of my posting that Dell Says – Linux has a powerful booster in the never-ending debate over what OS is safest from malware and spyware: Dell. “The vast majority of viruses and spyware written by hackers are not designed to target and attack Linux”

Database Software

MySQL – The best and most cost effective choice for a free SQL/Database environment that needs to be hosted in the cloud.

Screen Sharing Software – Free, simple, fast online meetings. Share your screen instantly with anyone. Also client is not require to download any plugins.

The Above list is just the basis list of software that can be replaced with the high cost Proprietory software. The list can go on endless.

Note: This is not Ranking