Two Factor Authentication In Odoo


Unfortunately, our system Passwords are not so secure as they need to be. If someone gets access to your passwords, they can access your documents and information without any difficulty. Even if you have a very strong password it will not protect your system completely.In this blog, we are demonstrating how you can secure your systems and avoid mishaps like hacking and compromise on sensitive data . We at Bista Solutions have developed a Two- factor Authentication module in Odoo, which is one of the best ways to ensure that your account does not get hacked and your data stays intact. 


Two- Factor Authentication module


This is the only super method to make sure your user is authenticated.It will be an additional layer of security into your ERP System. It makes the user login through two factors :



We have implemented a Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm (TOTP). This method is flexible enough and allows your users to generate their authentication tokens directly on their smartphones. To enable this access user should have Google Authenticator App installed on their smart phone, furthermore you can also get the token sent to your smartphone through an SMS. Let’s  now have a look at how the Two- Factor Authentication process works, here is a step by step  explanation  :

First of all, the user needs to install the Two- factor Authentication module in Odoo 

A) Process of Admin configuration with Two-Factor Authentication :

Step 1: After you have installed the module you will find a new tab called Two Factor Authentication and if you have the admin rights, you can create Two- Factor Authentication for your user through the Odoo login as shown below .


Step 2: You have two ways to Enable Two-Factor Authentication for User using which are

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication via Google Authenticator app

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication via SMS

You can choose either of these and click on “Send Secret Key By Email” button to get your Secret Code:


Step 3: User will immediately get an Email on his registered Email Id:



B) Process of User configuration with Two Factor Authentication

Step 1: If the user is using Google Authenticator app then the user has to scan this QR Code using his Smartphone.


Step 2: User will now get the secret key via SMS generated by the Google authenticator app.


C. Login Step for User:

Step 1: Finally user can login in the OpenERP System.


Step 2: Now the User will be asked to add the secret code password.

Noteworthy: This password would be for only one-time use, in addition we can also decide the validity time of each password.



Successful Login into Odoo!!!!

We hope this snippet of Two Factor Authentication helps you secure your process in Odoo.

For more information on this module, you can get in touch with us through and feel free to tell us what you think of this blog through . You can also see the demonstration of this module on our YouTube channel.