5 Benefits of Warehouse Management Systems for Businesses

Inventory Management in NetSuite

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application that supports the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. WMS programs enable centralized management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations. It is the core module offered in ERP Solutions.

Let us discuss some common challenges in warehousing and how we can overcome them using our ERP Software.

  1. Maintain Inventory Accuracy:

Inventory is one of the most important assets of an organization. Inaccuracy occurs when recorded inventory does not match physical inventory. Without an automated system, companies often don’t know what they have in stock, causing inaccuracies. Inadequate visibility can lead to excess/obsolete inventory build-up or unexpected shortages.

How ERP Software will help you to maintain accurate inventory:

ERP enables you with automated WMS which helps you to generate accurate stock report and to check which stock is limited. You can compare it with what’s been selling well and get it restocked in time. It this way you can have a great inventory management system.

  1. Easily Locate Inventory:

If you do not know where your inventory is located, you may put your company at risk. Lack of inventory oversight can lead to numerous inefficiencies within the warehouse, which may potentially slow down your operations and increase cost. For example, if pickers do not know the location of the products, they will take more time to locate the products, resulting in a slow loading process and delayed shipment.

How will ERP Software help you to Track products?

ERP Software employs barcode technology under warehouse module. When a barcode scanner reads the barcode of the particular product the information is directly sent to the central computer system for tracking.
For example, a purchase order may contain a list of products to be picked for packing and shipping. The ERP Software serves a variety of functions in this case.

• It can help a worker locate the products on the order list in the warehouse,
• It can encode shipping information like tracking numbers and delivery addresses
• It can remove these purchased products from the inventory tally to keep an accurate count of in-stock products.

  1. Eliminate Redundant Processes:

Redundant warehouse processes are detrimental to the success of your warehouse. Redundant processes are not only a waste of time, but they are also damaging to your employee’s productivity. Reevaluate your current warehouse processes and streamline workflows to boost productivity rates and optimize efficiency.

How will ERP Software help to do this?

The warehouse module of ERP Software helps you to eliminate any redundant or unnecessary processes, and train your warehouse workers on any new processes or proceed

  1. Make Picking Processes More Efficient:

Every minute that is spent on finding each inventoried product can add up over the day, therefore having a major impact on operating costs. When inventory location is not organized and easily available, pickers will take longer to find items that need to be shipped. This can ultimately lead to a backup in labour.

How will ERP Software simplify picking process?

The warehouse module in ERP Software helps you to smoothly manage picking process. It helps you to find out the relevant products easily and improve your delivery services as well as the employee’s working efficiency.

  1. Better Space utilization:

Your warehouse layout matters. If you are not fully optimizing your storage systems, pallets and rack patterns, you are inviting in wasted space and warehouse inefficiencies. Inefficient warehouse layouts also cause unnecessary labour and affect productivity rates. For example, if you store high-selling inventory in the back of your warehouse, your employees will waste time driving back and forth to retrieve items. It would be more beneficial to move high-selling inventory to the front of your warehouse for quick and easy picking.

How will ERP Software help you to utilize space?

Warehouse module under ERP Software helps to improve space utilization in the warehouse. The system tells an operator where to put an item and attempts to maximize the utilization of each slot by selecting a storage location that best fits the product.

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