What’s New in OpenERP 7.0 ?

OpenERP introduces 7.0

Being a SILVER partner of OpenERP it gives us pleasure to talk about the latest version of the renowned OpenERP software. OpenERP has come a long way from V 5.0 to the latest v 7.0. As open source software, it will see more upgrades in near future. The version 7.0 has some of the path breaking features which we have shared below:

Latest features in OpenERP 7.0

  • The new Point of Sale (POS) module comes with touch screen ability.
  • New Timesheets to keep track on multiple projects data entries through a single window
  • Integration with Google docs
  • Invoice as per the scenario i.e different invoicing as and when required
  • Account automatic reconcile
  • Multiple email configurations within one window. Receive alerts from the groups subscribed.
  • OpenERP alerts notification
  • All notes and tasks in one place
  • Manage and monitor tasks progress with colors
  • OpenERP v 7.0 will get long term support until v 9.0
  • Social Media integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, etc

These are the few new features from the bunch of many new ones. Apart from this the existing modules/apps will work as they did before. See here for images.