2015 ERP key trends

There has been a significant evolution in enterprise software over the past couple of years. The year 2014 marked a maximum number of ERP implementations. With the onset of 2015, it becomes customary to predict what might unfold in the years ahead.

Listed below are 6 key trends for 2015, which have been a hot topic of discussion lately amongst industry professionals:

  • Cloud ERP to gain higher market share: Cloud based ERP will continue to gain velocity in the coming year, in both private as well as public sectors. As per prediction by IT experts, the cloud will dominate IT spending by end of 2016. Lured by lower costs and better speed, the year 2014 saw an increasing number of users adopting cloud based-solutions.
  • Hype surrounding social media: With the ongoing hype around social media integration with ERP, modern day vendors have promptly capitalized on this initiative, by including social media integrations in their ERP systems. Thus, 2014 will witness the rise of social collaboration tools in ERP systems.
  • Competition: Top ERP software providers will face stiff competition from tier-2 vendors, in 2015.With tier-2 vendors having increased monetary assistance, regaining market share will be a cumbersome task for their tier-1 counterparts.
  • Growth of mobile BI: As witnessed in 2014, a number of businesses adopted business intelligence tools, in an attempt to increase their return on investment. There is an increasing likelihood of this trend continuing in 2015.
  • Mobile ERP: Off late, employees have replaced their computers with smart phones and tablets. Thus modern-day vendors have come up with feasible methods for employees to accomplish this, thus promoting increasing adoption of mobile solutions. Thus, forthcoming businesses will adopt mobile ERP, not just for viewing reports and dashboards, but also for conducting crucial business processes.
  • Educated buyers: Today users carry out adequate research on products and services on the Internet before making a purchase decision. Thus, in the coming years, buyers will be more knowledgeable about solutions.

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