6 Advantages of Odoo OpenERP

Odoo OpenERP

As we all know that Odoo (OpenERP) is one of the fastest growing Open source ERP software. I still remember those days 3 years back when we use to implement OpenERP Version 5 and within 3 years due to powerful community support and innovations, OpenERP version 7 has been released. The Top advantage of Using OpenERP version 7 is again that OpenERP 7 is completely open source.  Let’s have a look on some of the most powerful advantages of using OpenERP version 7

1. User Interface

OpenERP version 7 comes with a new look and superb user interface. The looks are simple and less cluttered. OpenERP version 7 even changed the theme color from Red to light Blue which is soothing to the user’s eyes

2. Search Facility

The new OpenERP version allows users to search across the screen. The user can easily filter via advance search using special field criteria, and that is the most important aspects which every user would like to have.

3. Pace

OpenERP version 7 is much quicker as compare to the older version, the response time, and viewing of pages and menus is many ways better in the current version

4. Modules

Installation of new modules in OpenERP version 7 have certain differences, there are new applications (Apps) available such as social network, Address book etc. It is much easier if you are looking out for multiple module installations in version 7. It is simply select the multiple modules from the list view and you can install them in one go.

5. New Message functionality

Once the user is login – OpenERP version 7 allows the user to see the list of messages and things happening in the organization. It is as similar as a Facebook wall where a user can see who is working on which part. People can join the group and can send messages to the company via this feature

6. Easy Directions

OpenERP version 7 allows a user to have easy direction on things they can do once logged in – Say for eg: previously there was a question mark where a user could see the examples of the features.

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