Features of CRM in OpenERP

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  • Mar 06, 2013
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CRM in OpenERP

Customer Relationship management or Lead management software plays a very vital role in any organization since it allows you to track all your sales and leads pipeline to make powerful business decisions. In today’s cut-throat business competition customer are the keys who allows you with revenue, and providing proper service to them is again an important task of any organization.

In this post we will discuss about OpenERP CRM module which can help you to manage your client interactions, sales prospects, lead management in an efficient manner. Apart from that following are the important features which OpenERP CRM module supports for your client management.

Lead Management

One of the first basic features of OpenERP crm is lead management where you can manage all the leads by various users of your organization. You can further convert the lead into opportunity and as Account. Creating lead is simple with few steps.

Opportunities management

The leads which is converted are considered as important to track the sales pipeline of your organization. You can track the opportunities in various stages and can schedule meetings and phone calls related to the opportunities. Meetings Management

Meeting Management

With OpenERP CRM you can manage and schedule all your meetings with your client with single click of a button. Another good feature is that it allows you with an integrated Calendar.

Phone Calls Management

Another important module of OpenERP CRM is the Phone call management module where you can manage all your incoming and outgoing calls. You can even plan and schedule the calls to various clients.

After sales services

Support module of CRM within OpenERP allows you to help your customers with after sales services, some of the features of Support management is client claims management, resolutions management, helpdesk etc.

What’s more ? You can manage all your sales team divided into various zones such as countries, areas, client base etc. This helps to know about the future business your sales team would be closing and to plan your activities accordingly.

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