Odoo-Canada Post Integration

odoo canada post integration

Integration of Odoo with Canada Post

This article talks about the Integration of Odoo with Canada Post Shipping services.This integration will ease the shipping services involved in the online purchase of products.Odoo-Canada Post Integration allows the users to print the shipping labels just on a button’s click,printing the packing forms, custom forms and also provides a tracking facility. The Odoo-Canada Post Integration will enable all the shipping methods as provided by Canada Post through Odoo.This Odoo-Canada Post Integration will provide the following Canada post web services:


Here is a short tutorial on things you need to configure while using the Odoo-Canada Post Integration

1.Configuration of canada post account

Firstly Go to the Inventory/Shipping Services Management/Canada Post Setting and configure your canada post account.After you have configured this, click on the Get Services button. Once this process is over all Canada Post services are made available as Delivery Methods in odoo. Also this will create a service product with the delivery method name.


#1:Configure your Canada Post Account

2. Address Validation

When you are all set to start the shipping activity enter your destination address and click on “Validate Address” button. If address is validated for Canada post “Is validate address” field will checked true automatically


#2:Address Validation for Shipment

3. Get Rates

Now you can Go to sale order select Customer, Delivery Method of Canada post and enter Order Lines. Once you have selected the product in line, it will get all package related information to the Shipping info tab on sales order .Now you can enter the Length, the width and the height and click on set Price button of sales order to get the rates.It will add all one order line part of the service charge of Canada post with selected service of Canada post.


#3: Rates Setting up

4. Get Label

After the product is made ready to ship you can either click on validate the delivery order or click on the “Get Label” button to get the label printed. This will get the tracking number from canada post and this will be attached with the particular delivery order as show below.


#4: Get Label for Shipment.

We hope this quick walk through the Odoo-Canada Post Integration demonstration for using Canada post Shipping methods in Odoo helps you all work with it as well.We will soon come up with more interesting and informative tutorials on

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