Odoo OpenERP

Open Source ERP is the best option for SME’s Globally. Since open source ERP software allows you with quick implementation at low cost and other advantages of the same are that it can be customized as per the business processes. Odoo OpenERP achieved tremendous growth in the last few years by moving from SME ERP application to Large scale company ERP. Today OpenERP is one of the best ERP solutions with a lot of custom-based applications in it for every known vertical.

Although the fact is, Odoo OpenERP costs lesser than other big enterprise ERP. As it is an opensource based ERP the cost of implementation and customization is lower but it has updated from the past several years with the tremendous new feature and applications. Although many organizations are implementing Open source ERP software for their Mission Critical processes it’s widely used by Small Scale Industries (SSI), SME’s and Large Scale Enterprises today. In this scenario, Odoo OpenERP is playing a major role in the growth of small and medium-size industries. Also, it’s contributing largely to big business enterprises today.


Why Odoo OpenERP is best suitable ERP for Indian SME’s?

ERP system will help streamline the functionality and technicality of a software solution in an organization, without any doubt will be an added advantage in generating return on investment. As explained earlier the gradual demand for Odoo OpenERP increased with a slump in the software market. Since this led companies to go in for Odoo OpenERP they automatically started to learn more about it by felt need as they were left with no alternative. This indirectly created the awareness among companies. They learned more on Odoo OpenERP and realized its diverse applications. Finally, they resorted to the use of ERP for the whole of the company and stopped the idea of restricting it to mere back-office functions.

Odoo OpenERP Evaluation Package – Some of the basic features of the Trail or Evaluation package of OpenERP are that it provides you with your selected modules that are out of the box available. Some of the high-level modules availability which any organization requires is as follows

The above modules are implemented onto the case to case basis as per the client requirement. The advantage of using this evaluation package is that you don’t have to spend a high amount and you get a quick start towards the implementation – normally it takes a long time even years in just planning for the implementation of ERP software. With Odoo OpenERP you can get your business automated in weeks time.

Odoo OpenERP

Features SME’s appreciate are:

Customers can customize Odoo OpenERP. There are many systems around that are closed and cannot be modified. And making changes to it means making changes to its core which will result in months. This is the opposite of Odoo OpenERP, you can see how easy it is to extend or override its functionality. Also, workflow functionality is quite powerful. Not all ERP’s have the capability of changing its behavior as Odoo OpenERP does.

Customers can check code and tweak it whenever required. This might sound paranoid, but gives them confidence in the system.

No vendor lock-in. Small & medium size customer save a lot of money in this. The fact they don’t have to stop the plant in order to switch vendors is highly appreciated. And being capable of keeping the code and giving its customization to someone else, who is capable of maintaining it, makes life easier for our clients.

  • Support forums. Odoo OpenERP has a strong community worldwide to back up. This is one of the reasons which differentiate from proprietary ERP tools.

License fees. All ERP systems have licenses that are more expensive than $15000 but the hardware and software as well. You only need a browser on your desktop to use Odoo OpenERP, no Windows licenses. And no server license as well. This saves thousands and thousands of dollars.

  • SaaS availability. Odoo OpenERP has also started rolling the SaaS model which again makes it more economical for SMEs.

Constraints in Indian Market

Financial burden is a major determinant of ERP market. Many companies are hesitates to invest in ERP due to the exorbitant costs involved in it. Realizing this situation, Bista Solutions, has come out with an ideal ERP solution, which will be affordable to any enterprise. For more information, you can email – sales@bistasolutions.com or contact us