A simple step by step guide to Odoo Subscription App

With Odoo Subscription managing subscriptions based services or products is much easier and you can also analyze the future demand for your product, making it a huge source of revenue for your business. You can create your own subscription plan and propose it to your customer. It is the best module if your target is “happy customers”.

 Odoo Subscription

Subscription Template

When you dive into the Subscription module, you will see the pipeline of all your subscription there.

On the top menu trigger Configuration > Subscription Template

In Subscription Template, you are going to define on which basis you are going to charge your customer. You can create a new Subscription Template by triggering the Create button on the top.

Odoo Subscription

When you create a new subscription template a new form view is opened and you have to just fill in the basic details.

Odoo Subscription

In the screenshot above, you have many fields which can be filled according to your organization’s requirements.

Invoice period: You can specify the duration for which your invoice should  be generated 

Duration: It is categorized into two options i.e Forever and Fixed

In Forever option , there won’t be any end date for your subscription, It would be like a lifetime subscription where the invoice will be generated on the set duration but it won’t close the subscription.

In Fixed option, there is an end date for your subscription. Once that date is passed, your subscription will be automatically closed.

Payment Mode: Here you can define how you want your invoice to be issued. There are many options provided such as Manual, Draft Invoice, Invoice, Invoice & Try to charge, Invoice only on successful payment.

Customer Portal: Under this you have the following options

Closable by customer give rights to your customer to  close their subscription whenever they want.

Group of subscription allows you  tag the specific group (which you can create) pertaining to this template.

Journal can help you setup the journal entries for accounting purposes where all the entries of the template will be invoiced in the specified journal.

Deferred Revenue Type  allows you to set the asset category for your subscription.

Once all the field is set,  you can save it by triggering the Save button on the top.

Now on the top menu trigger Subscription > Subscription Products 

In Subscription product, you will see all the product which you will be selling to your customer. You can create your own Subscription Product by triggering the Create button.

Odoo Subscription

You can fill in the basic details and under Sales tab there is a Subscription section. Under that you have Subscription Product which has to be  enabled so that when you confirm the sales order with the pertaining product,  it will create a subscription.

Subscription Template is where you can select the template according to your organization’s preference. In this case we have selected the template which we created in above example.

Once you fill in all the details,  you can save it by triggering the Save button on the top.

Odoo Subscription

On the top menu trigger Configuration > Subscription Stages where you can configure the stages for your subscription so it becomes easy for you to determine the state of your subscription.

Odoo Subscription

In Configuration > Alerts, you can create alerts for your subscription like in case of churning of accounts or modification in billing.

odoo subscription alerts

In  Configuration > Close Reasons, you can keep a track of the reason behind your subscription getting closed and why you are losing your customers.

Odoo Subscription

In Configuration > Revenue Types, you can configure your deferred revenue types. It is required if you are selling your subscription for an annual services or membership and especially, if you want to follow gap compliance. 

Deferred Revenue refers to the revenue that has not yet been earned for example: let’s take an example of a One year Netflix Subscription plan, When you buy a Netflix subscription for a year, the amount you pay will be considered as deferred revenue by Netflix, since they haven’t earned it yet. So over the next 12 months after you complete your yearly service then your subscription fee will be recognized as revenue by Netflix.

Odoo Subscription

In  Configuration > Activity Types,   you can setup the activities which you would require for further communication with your customer.

Odoo Subscription

Subscription through Sales Order

To create a subscription through Sales order you have to go to Sales Management app and create a new quotation by triggering the CREATE button. For more detailed information about Odoo Sales Management, refer our step by step guide on Odoo Sales Management App

In the orderline, you can add your subscription products and save your Quotation.

Odoo Subscription

By triggering SEND BY EMAIL,  you can send that quotation to your customer via email.

Odoo Subscription

Once the customer has accepted the quotation, you can go ahead and trigger the CONFIRM button and covert the RFQ into the Sales Order.

Odoo Subscription

Once you Confirm the sales order, you can see the smart tab where Subscriptions has been updated in the form view because the Sale Order contains Subscription products and it links the sales order with the subscription.

Odoo Subscription

When you trigger that subscription smart tab, you will be redirected to the details of your subscription. Since it is a yearly subscription you can see the Start Date and the Date of Next Invoice that has a duration of a year. Then you have UPSELL and CLOSE option on the top.

Odoo Subscription

Upselling your subscription

If your customer demands an additional feature or product with the subscription, you can upsell your Subscription by triggering the UPSELL button which will open a wizard.

Odoo Subscription

In the wizard you can add the upselling products and trigger CREATE & VIEW QUOTATION which will create another sales order for the upselling product and you can send it to the client for approval.

If you select ADD IN SUBSCRIPTION,  it will add the upselling product in your current subscription and directly generate an invoice for the customer.

Closing your subscription

Again going back to the subscription, you have CLOSE option on the top.

Odoo Subscription

Due to any reason, if you want to close the subscription you can trigger the CLOSE button which will open a wizard. Here you can view all the closing reason which you have configured. Also you can configure a new reason on the fly by triggering the Create and Edit… option. After that you can submit the reason by triggering the SUBMIT button.


In your subscription, there is a To Renew field. Enabling this field will present you with an option to CREATE A RENEWAL QUOTATION. So when the subscription period is over, by triggering that you can create a renewal quotation for your customer.

Odoo Subcription

Now you can generate an invoice for your subscription by triggering the CREATE INVOICE button.

Odoo Subscription

Odoo Subscription

For more detailed information of Invoice flow in the sales order, refer our guide on the Sales Management App


When you open your customer’s contact in the Contact module, you will see that your customer’s contact is linked with your subscription.

Odoo Subscription


You can analyse the subscription or business process efficiency with reporting.

Salesperson Dashboard

On the top menu trigger Reporting > Salesperson Dashboard where you can view all the sales you have done at different times.

Odoo Subscription

Revenue KPI

Reporting > Revenue KPI has the revenue KPI dashboard where you can access all the revenue related to your Subscription.

Odoo Subscription

Subscription Reporting

With Reporting > Subscription you can view the ongoings of your subscription. You can  also group and filter by different parameters, use different Measures and views.

Odoo Subscription

Retention Analysis

Reporting > Retention gives you access to all the subscription that was open in that specified time period.

Odoo Subscription

There are several instances when the default Odoo Subscription App or module does not fulfill the requirements of a company. In such situations, an experienced Odoo implementation partner like Bista Solutions can customize the modules as per your business requirement.

If you need any assistance or customization for your Odoo Apps you can schedule a demo with us using this Contact Form or emailing us at sales@bistasolutions.com

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