Odoo V10 Magento Connector

magneto connector


This is the new release of the open source connector linking Odoo and Magento also known under the name of Magento ERP connector. It is built on top of the connector framework. It is structured so that it can be extended or modified easily from separate add-ons a factor of success when the implementation of Odoo varies a lot. Odoo V10 Magento connector is a part of OCA(Odoo Community Association). The connector is designed to have a strong and efficient core with the ability to extend it with extension modules or local customizations.

In other words, we could say that the core module contains minimal scope to run your eCommerce with Odoo and Magento. More advanced features can be installed using extensions.


  1. Import the address book and partners

  2. Import the categories of products with translations.

  3. Import sales order

  4. Import customer groups.

  5. Export the delivery order status

  6. Export the tracking numbers.

  7. Creating invoices on Magento and getting their numbers back.

  8. Export of stock quantities with the configuration of the warehouse and an option to use the stock field.


  1. Use the automatic workflows to automatize the workflow of sales according to the payment method(confirm orders, create and reconcile payments).

  2. Per payment method choose when the orders are imported(only when payment is captured/authorized)

  3. Use the exception of the sale to prevent the processing of sale orders with issues.

Odoo V10 Magento Connector Workflow

Odoo Magento Connector WorkflowWith the Odoo Magento connector, you can process your orders automatically by linking your e-shop to the Open source ERP.

Why choose Odoo for an e-shop?

  1. Data Synchronization:customers,products,stocks,orders etc.

  2. Workflows automation: logistics and financial workflows related to much other processing.

  3. Robust, designed to handle high volumes: several thousands of orders per day.

  4. Multishop, multi languages, multi-currency and multi stock

This Magento extension provides additional API methods for use by multi-website,multi-store,multi-product categories, etc.

The Magento Connector is made accessible as an effortlessly installable and configurable module for OpenERP. Clients can deal with various web-based business frameworks through a solitary interface and in addition numerous stores inside a solitary internet business framework.

Ongoing sync of the stock framework is commanded keeping in mind the end goal to keep up fast reaction time, while others are rendered configurable. This new form of OpenERP/Odoo-Magento Connector is a perfect, sans bug answer for organizations looking to successfully interface and synchronize their OpenERP framework with the element-rich Magento to address different custom necessities.

This Magento Connector construct that came about because of a decent comprehension of continuous business cases has empowered Bista to effectively deal with the coordination of different work processes, creating a few fulfilled clients.

Assist, the Odoo Magento Integration incorporated framework when sent on cloud facilitated servers ends up being a snappy reacting, exceptionally versatile, secure, and financially savvy innovative arrangement that helps you develop, as well as develop with you.

We Hope this detailed walk of the Odoo V10 Magento Connector helps you drive your businesses. For more insights on the connector get in touch with us through sales@bistasolutions.com.