Wireless Vision, T-Mobile’s largest independent retail partner, has over 600 stores across the United States. With telecom plans and mobile devices as the primary business offering, the company has about 2000 employees across the USA.

    The Challenge:

    A company as large as Wireless Vision had distinctly separate processes for their product entries, business entries and crashing processes for payouts. Operating with isolated systems for each of these, the business lacked work-flow integration, causing each vertical to operate in silos.

    Wireless Vision also had a requirement for a Business Intelligence tool that could be integrated with an ERP System to enable data-driven business decisions.

    The Solution:

    1. The first thing that we did after being on-boarded was to implement and customize Odoo ERP tailored to Wireless Vision’s needs. We also implemented Business Intelligence tools to enable data management and decision making for the business.
    2. As a part of the ERP implementation, we implemented a sales commission module and daily sales reporting that enabled easy tracking of sales orders. This module also eased the process of issuing commission to vendors.
    3. We also customized and implemented crashing process which helped Wireless Vision to compare and verify their data with that of T- Mobile’s. This not only helped remove the duplicates, but also enabled better decision making.
    4. Another implementation that we did for the business was that of an Employee Purchase Plan Module. This helped Wireless Vision’s employees to purchase mobiles and avail employee discounts.

    The Impact:

    Our Odoo and BI implementations helped build robust and transparent business processes for Wireless Vision. With Odoo as the one-stop-shop for applications, the organization was able to increase productivity and cut labor costs by eliminating duplicate tasks.

    Our BI dashboards helped Wireless Vision in tracking the store profitability, market and region trends as well as industry performance, enabling them to make better decisions.