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Toni&Guy took resort to QuickBooks for inventory; and other ERP System for their accounting processes. This hairball of systems never gave the true picture of company’s standpoint. Bista Solutions helped them to evolve and take resort to the newest and most trusted global Cloud Suite – NetSuite.

    The Challenge:

    The Organization was facing some of the key challenges:

    1. Inventory was not tracked properly
    2. Accounting reports needed manual intervention
    3. Dimensions across reporting was managed manually
    4. The POS data was entered manually on a daily basis
    5. Accounting impacts by transactions were not captured, resulting in no true visibility
    6. Owners had absolutely no idea of the operations

    Organizational Constraints:

    Based on the study of business processes, gap analysis and streamlined process as per best practices, organization’s constraints were identified.

    1. The organization was heavily relying on facts and figures produced by an obsolete group of systems.
    2. No scope for scalability. Stagnation of processes.
    3. Inventory at locations was not trackable, and organization had no visibility over it.
    4. The accounts reporting was a complete manual process, heavily relying on human assumptions.
    5. The report segmentation was also not done through any system, and was tracked manually out of all the systems.
    6. There was no way of communication between QuickBooks and other ERP System, and the reports it generated were completed independent of each other.
    7. The processes were not streamlined and needed redefinition.
    8. Stagnant data was being maintained without any need for it.
    9. No process was a real time process, and reporting required a lot of time.
    10. The management was dependent on the accounting team to give them an idea of company statistics, and had no visibility themselves over any of the process.

    Technology Constraints:

    Most of the departments were either working manually or on the non-integrated, semi-automated processes. All the key departments including Purchase, Sales, Warehousing, Education, Retail at stores were working on different systems.

    This approach led to many unforeseen problems in the process and made it difficult to generate reports. The hairball of systems created a mismatch and reporting was not foolproof. Given the manual intervention in POS transactions, the figures captured were also with the assumptions that there were no human errors. Alongside, the reporting structure demanded a huge manual effort to bifurcate data by divisions, entities, etc.

    The Solution:

    An integrated cloud based ERP which not only takes care of all the processes put together, but also ensures robust reporting and helps attain true visibility. Bista Solutions helped Toni&Guy redesign all the business processes and streamline it all to work with their accounting needs. Each and every process was streamlined, and now follows industry level best practices.

    The niche reporting requirement was met by introducing SuiteSegments – a beta NetSuite feature under SuiteGL. This ensures creating more dimensions to the transactional posting data and reflects on the reports as well. This new NetSuite feature is not explored much by other implementation partners, while Bista Solutions masters it! That’s not all of it, we also achieved a linkage definition between different dimensions within NetSuite. All of this works seamlessly along with all the processes. The integration was something every retail company must have these days. We made sure to integrate all of it across salons and academies with NetSuite. Your ERP isn’t an ERP if it does not capture the end level sales automatically.

    Change Management:

    For smooth change management we interacted with all stakeholders, fully understood and documented the changes in roles and responsibilities of all the affected areas and worked very diligently and patiently to help them to skill up on the NetSuite practice. Intensive training and prolonged handholding provided the necessary change management desired to achieve the targeted adoption of ERP methodology and tools.

    The Impact:

    It is also interesting to evaluate and analyze the change management and its impact on the overall Organization.

    People Roles & Responsibilities:

    Department Heads now have a very powerful integrated tool in their hands and tremendous visibility into enterprise resource capacity. Give it inventory figures, revenue from salons and academies, item retail, cash sales from salons, etc. This is all handled by NetSuite and does not need a hose of team members.

    Reporting Flexibility:

    Users can now use NetSuite in order to draw factual conclusions based on reports which can be configured to pull necessary data. Slicing and dicing data in order to get what is needed, helps to a great extent. This implementation was focused towards enabling advanced reporting functions by segment. Increasing the number of dimensions, and providing more handles for tweaking reports to gaining visibility over various business areas.

    Integrated Point of Sale:

    All salons and academies have different offerings to provide, this spans from retail, Toni&Guy product merchandising to education, from hairdressing services to tracking customer refunds. All of this is seamlessly captured within NetSuite through an application built by Bista Solutions and deployed on the intermediate server.


    The entire implementation was executed considering the fact that the organization will grow tomorrow. All the processes are utilized with the intent to make the system robust and foolproof. The processes and functions are extremely scalable and can easily encompass vertical and horizontal growth.

    Ease of use:

    NetSuite being a cloud package makes it very user-friendly in more than one way. Users can access the system from any device that has Internet capabilities. All it needs is a browser. The implementations was also focused to ensure good training, which makes users more comfortable with the new ERP.

    Toni&Guy benefitted by working with us

    1. Visibility over inventory at all locations
    2. Real time system, all transactions are recorded in real time and thereby post against the respective GL there and then
    3. Integrated solution for A/R, A/P, inventory, banking processes, fixed assets, financials, POS and operations
    4. Owner’s dashboard with complete drill-down capability
    5. SuiteSegments feature utilized for tracking detailed posting impacts across dimensions in all transactions
    6. Entire accounting process is tracked within NetSuite, end to end

    Future opportunities are opened through this Project like:

    • Integration with more complex systems
    • Scalable implementation approach
    • Best practices methodology for salons, academies, education vertical
    • Precision in reporting with multiple dimensions

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