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Wahoo Fitness


Wahoo Fitness is a tech-fitness company that has created an ecosystem of sensors and devices for runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts. At Wahoo, the team is dedicated not only to capturing and measuring your workout data, but also to helping you understand what it means and achieving better results.

    The Challenge:

    The business flow required capturing of sales and logistics data from a variety of shipping partners in the states. This data was a complex set of tables for sales, inventory counts, shipments, returns, etc. If this needed to be done manually, the company would need to deploy dedicated resources for this purpose. Bista helped Wahoo Fitness interface with different 3PL solutions for transacting the data on a near real-time basis.

    Challenges faced by the client would include the huge volume of data that needed to move from one system to another. The data quantum would give rise to human errors and unnecessary manual data entry tasks. In order to get rid of this, we created an application that would send and receive data to & from other systems and create the necessary records within NetSuite.

    Bista Solutions created a single platform for different data formats required for different 3PLs. Not just that, the application also segregates the data according to the 3PL it needs to be sent to. It employs various ways to send and capture data from-to NetSuite.

    The Solution:

    Bista Solutions partnered with Wahoo Fitness for integrating their NetSuite system with 3PLs – Third Party Logistics – for sales and logistics. The implementation to achieve this involved different ways and means to handle data flows to & from different 3PL partners.

    Key features developed and deployed by Bista:

    • Bista developed a middleware application to handle all the data flows to-from NetSuite
    • Utilized web services for connecting with partner systems
    • Deployed XML file drop-pickup functionality to-from the partner FTPs
    • Functionality developed to segregate and send sales order data to 3PLs for shipment processing
    • Fulfilment data was pulled from 3PLs and recorded within NetSuite
    • Inventory counts data was received from the 3PLs and recorded within NetSuite
    • Real-time sync function was implemented for sales order details to be sent to 3PLs
    • Scheduling mechanism was developed for tracking fulfilment and inventory count data flows

    The Impact:

    Wahoo Fitness has a sales channel that distributes its products globally through the partnering ecosystem. Third party logistic partners support data in specific formats and types. Each partner has its own mechanism to handle data – some need a flat file in a designated FTP folder, while some need you to push data through API calls right into their systems. With the volume of this sales data, doing it manually would have been troublesome. Not to mention the chances of human errors.

    Bista Solutions’ app completely eliminates this human effort, thereby reducing the chances of wrong data entry to zero. The middleware application supports flat file interfacing and web services – both offerings through a single platform. This makes Wahoo’s business more scalable and error-proof.

    Bista Solutions is a proven NetSuite partner and can work towards implementing your business to make the most of it. When it comes to implementing best industry practices, Bista leaves no stone unturned. Right from integrations, ERP implementation, CRM, manufacturing, we can do it all. For any inquiries or any assistance, click here or emails us on sales@bistasolutions.com