Purchase Management – ERP

ERP Purchase management helps to to track your purchases from supplier tracking, till supplier price quotations. It allows you to have a perfect workflow of your different purchase activities which further allows you to make quick decision making. The Purchase work flow also allows you drill down with the information of the attached document and other parts. Odoo (previously known as OpenERP) a leading open source Business software helps you to handle deliveries in so that you can have a track of the items you purchase till the delivery of your Products.

Purchase Management Module is also integrated with Accounts and Inventory which automatically updates inventory management and financial management. Odoo Purchase management automates the processes of identifying potential suppliers, Supplier Evaluation, Supplier

Quote Evaluation, Win purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes. Purchase module is integrated with other important module to ensure a proper flow from one module to another without duplication of entries.

Below is the screenshot of Purchase Module in Odoo version 6

Kindly click the below images for a better view

1. Main Landing Page with different Modules available to the user as per the Rights and Roles in the Department

Purchase Management Software

2. Open ERP Purchase management Dashboardswhich gives you graphical views for overall results

Purchase Management Software

3. Easy search option for Purchase order, You can create a new purchase order from here

purchase management Odoo

4. Purchase orders in Graphical view for overall result plus all these graphs are drill down so that you can click on those and go into details

Purchase Management Software

5. Creating a new purchase order in Odoo

how to create a purchase order in and erp

Purchase Order statistic and workflow Kindly check this Link for more images of Odoo v6 Purchase Module