Scope of OpenERP implementations

scope of openerp

Scope of OpenERP by

OpenERP one of the leading Open Source ERP software for small and medium-sized businesses and a modular solution for various verticals supporting Sales Management, Purchase Management, Inventory management, Accounting, Human Resources, Manufacturing, and others together. Apart from this many other modules to support your enterprise needs and enterprise resource planning.

After completing more than 30 implementations of OpenERP across the globe for our client we would like to highlight the scope of OpenERP implementation in your organization. Any ERP software must provide success in your organization business processes and hence ERP software is meant to provide you with strategic insights, increase productivity and flexibility and reliability of your organization.

Today OpenERP is considered as one of the best open source ERP software implemented by many small and mid-sized business to control their business activities may it is for various verticals such as Education, Manufacturing industry, online businesses, Trading organizations or Services.

Here we go with some of the benefits of OpenERP for your organization OpenERP offers you with the functionality you require to increase the effects of your departments or across your enterprise.

  • OpenERP allows you with Business Automation. Being a web based software OpenERP allows you to integrate your entire department by collaborating the data in real time.
  • OpenERP also provides you with linking of your various branches, and departments across different location through multi – company and multi-currency feature.
  • Complete dashboards in opener allow you to monitor your customers, suppliers, vendors, and partners.
  • OpenERP allows you to keep day to day sales tracking via CRM and Sales management Module, in addition, it also helps you to manage the invoices or payments.
  • There are many other points which OpenERP allows you to achieve some of them are being open source there is no licensing and vendor lock-in.

For a demo on OpenERP or to know how OpenERP can help your organization to automate business processes you can contact us here.