Top 5 Tricks to Keeping ERP Costs Down

There are plenty of ERP tools and systems available today in the market , each one offers different capabilities and the source code is available for most of them , having said that you have to pay attention to certain points so that minimum cost and time leads you with the Best Suitable ERP System for your Business. Here is how you can choose the right ERP system for your business and processes in place.

  1. Choose the ERP tool in accordance with your Business Requirement

There are Open source as well as Paid Version of “ERP Tools” available in Market, with their own uniqueness and special Features, so while choosing ERP Tool For Business purpose one should choose a software that meets the requirements and it’s perfectly suitable according to their Business Structure

If the features and functionality required by the company is already available in any ERP Tool , the company go in for directly getting it implemented so the building cost of that functionality would be saved, but should ensure that all the features required by them in Their ERP System are available or feasible to be developed in that “ERP Tool” before making the Decision

2. Choose ERP Vendor Accordingly

After the selection of ERP Tool that is Based on one’s business Requirement , the selection of the ERP Vendor should be done , and during this selection one should take into consideration the “Successful ERP Projects” that ERP Vendor has delivered , Vendors Reputation in ERP Market, One should choose vendor as per the ERP Tool is chosen and Vendors ERP Projects Market Value

It is advisable to choose and ERP Company that has completed plenty of projects in their field and has resources who are aware of the risk involved and are able to resolve such risk, this will help you reduce the time and cost at the later stage of the system Development

3. Use Existing Feature OF ERP Tool

ERP Systems already have certain functionality for the business purpose, in order to Low Down The ERP Cost, The business Analyst should take into consideration the ERP Features already available , and customise those features if needed according to the need , Rather than entirely building up the feature from scratch so that the time and money are saved, The system Analyst should Analyze and do comparative study of available and required feature and should Plan accordingly

4. Avoid Rework

In Order to low Down the ERP Cost, the ERP Implementation Strategies should be such that , the System Design , Its Features , Functionalities should be Planned and tested for its Feasibility before actually building up the system , so the rework time would be saved.

Strategy To avoid rework of the ERP Implementation

-> The Functional Requirements should be documented appropriately

-> The Change control Procedures should be planned in order to handle the simple small changes in the system requirement

-> The Development strategy should be such that its should detect and prevent defects at the development level so to avoid defects in future

O if the Development of the system takes such factors into consideration the “Rework” Factor can be reduced or eliminated that ultimately reduces time and cost

5. ERP Vendor and User Communication

The User of the System and the ERP System Implementing company should keep communicating on all the aspects of the system functionality and development so that there is no assumption or lack of knowledge from the ERP company side about the system functionality that may incur cost and time at later stage,

The Deployment of the system should also be planned according to the Business requirement so that unnecessary server setup cost is not added.

Communicating about the maintenance and support and choosing the best suitable maintenance and support for the system so that software issues are solved immediately and save resource

By considering these five tricks may help you to Keep ERP Cost Down and develop a robust and dependable ERP system for your business.

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