Cox Communications

Turn Master Data into Business Application

COX Communication is the third largest cable television and gaming services provider in the United States. They are serving more than 6.2 million customers which ultimately make them seventh largest player in the country. They introduced the product “Flare” which is an online gaming application and entertainment system for a complete family. Bista Solutions has a number of years of expertise in analyzing the requirements of retail management ERP software industry and developing applications to meet their business retail management ERP needs

The Challenge

When COX Communication started with Flare Gaming System, they were looking for one platform which can cater to their requirements such as Sales, CRM, Billing, Warehouse, Inventory Management, Shipping and eCommerce solution.

The Organisation was facing some of the key challenges:

  • They had 3 different sales channels and call centre and had no system to record and maintain the sales activities.
  • The Biggest requirement was proper Billing system, which can timely prepare service recurring bills including termination fees, Taxes, and upgrade of product trials  
  • Cox wanted to develop an online gaming website with PCI Compliance which can help them to keep customers information protected.
  • They also had requirement for a  system which can automatically process the orders, including Warehouse management and Shipping of the products and Inbuilt Point of Sales (POS) Module 


The Solution

Bista developed an easy to use ERP System for COX Communication which had taken into all the necessary business needs as detailed below

Key Implementations:

  • We customized CRM and Sales Module which helped COX to channelize the sales activities and maintain customer records
  • The unique Accounting module helped Cox for preparing the service recurring Bills and Invoices with proper Terms and Conditions
  • Bista is a PCI Compliance Company and we developed Online Magento Website under PCI Compliance.
  • The warehouse Module helped them to automatically process the orders in ERP and FedEx Integration with ERP empowered them for direct shipping of products.
  • Bista also integrated the developed ERP with various gaming providers.

The Impact

After ERP Implementation by Bista Solutions, COX Communication experienced rapid success in business growth. All the departments where aligned and organized with the ERP system including Sales, Accounting, Logistics and supply chain. It is now easier for the Top Executives to track and monitor the performance in a 360 degree view.