Why Open source ERP software is Gaining Popularity ?

Open source ERP software implementation is gaining huge popularity; the main reason for the same is the affordable pricing. Open source ERP software is much cheaper as compare to the proprietary software.  Further ERP is considered as one of the most important part of every organization to manage their business processes. Every organization cannot afford ERP systems from closed source such as SAP Oracle and so on. .  This is the main reason that organizations are opting for Open source ERP software.

Open source ERP software is available freely from the internet and can be downloaded within few clicks and can be installed on a server machine. Further Free is the term used for freedom of other cost and ease of installation if you are looking out for implementation you can hire vendors for the services who can mapped your organizational processes, hierarchy & other aspects into the ERP software.

Open source ERP softwareDo not that since the software is available freely it doesn’t mean of low value in terms of features – the features and capabilities of Open source ERP software is much way stronger than proprietary. There are community members who are contributing towards new ideas everyday to help various organizations. Same as Wikipedia users contribute to make the article stronger enough for the users.

Today many small and mid-sized businesses are opting to implement Open sources ERP software since it is less expensive and with Open source they can introduce technology in their organization. Apart from that there are no license fees for ERP users therefore it makes quite cost effective for huge organizations also.  Apart from the above customizations and integration with 3rd party tool add the advantage where organizations are opting for open source ERP software.

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