How to make successful ERP Implementation

ERP software or Enterprise Resource planning system helps a lot to change the way your company do business. ERP software implementation if done correctly or successfully can help in high profits, better efficiencies, decision making and easy identifications of your business problems and resolve them quickly. ERP software is considered as one single software to help your organization.

There are many times companies are not fully satisfied with their new ERP system although the implementation was skillfully done with proper selection and training. There are many common problems which can arise during the implementation or after the implementation of ERP software.

How to insure your ERP implementation is a success?

Pain Areas – One of the most important parts is to understand the pain areas so that ERP vendor can provide you with customized solutions for the problems – suddenly a change in a process may disturb the working of your various departments. Therefore it is better to understand the pain areas via business requirement analysis.

Selecting Right ERP package – Choosing the right package as per your business requirement helps you in future growth as well as you save lot on the budgetary part. There are many ERP software available in the market but it is you who choose the latest technology towards the implementation

ERP Vendor – Homework before selecting the vendor is important since it is not the vendor who make the ERP implementation successful it is a 2 way effect. Therefore you must see the history of successful implementations by the vendor in the similar sector. Note – ERP implementations are not successful until the user start using it.

Understanding – A proper understanding of the task towards the project is necessary – therefore ensure every decision maker of the organization is involved during underlining the business process and to get the get the GAP analysis between various software packages and the business

Clear Milestone – Before agreeing on the project a Stage of milestone setting is very important, since it allows you to get clear timelines of the task you are proposing to the vendor for the implementation

Benefits from ERP – You should be clear on what kind of benefits ERP software implementation will be providing you , As this will decide you to have a proper budgets and realistic expectations onto the project

Training – Training is one of the important part to make ERP implementations successful – therefore it is better to involve users on the first level of Pilot testing so that necessary changes can be undertaken – apart from that proper training and understanding of the software with various hierarchy needs to be given for Successful ERP implementations.

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