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  • Feb 16, 2017
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“Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection” – Kim Collins

We at Bista Solution have always believed and practiced the above quote and partnered with similar technologies over the time to provide the best in class deliveries to our Clients. One of the similar technologies i.e. Microsoft Power BI, which has evolved over the time and has helped us in providing advanced reporting features to our Clients. So, this time we have decided to highlight some of those new features which helped us well in our BI implementations.Let’s get started .

Power BI Feature # 1: Drop down Slicer

Handling slicer is one of the best features which enables the end user to slice and dice the report on a real time scenario. But over the time it was observed, In the case of large data the list was huge which consumed more space on the report and managing the same was a bit difficult. With the help of drop down slicer feature,  space management on the report was efficiently handled and the users have the flexibility to select only the options they want to make use of.



Power BI Feature # 2: Data Labels Orientation

With this feature, we can change the orientation of the data labels texts


i.e.from horizontal to vertical which is useful in designing compact visuals and columns.

Power BI Feature # 3: Table Header Wrap

When dealing with matrix or table visuals, we usually encounter scenarios where the column header was large and due to the table width, it always appeared partial and again to view it completely it was required to be resized


every time by the user. With the help of the Table Header Wrap feature, the long text gets wrapped and it’s visible completely no matter how wide or short the table or matrix is.

Power BI Feature # 4: Aggregation in String and Date Columns

This feature helps in displaying the dates from earliest or latest option from the visuals and in the case of strings we can change the aggregation to first or the last in the same menu.



Power BI Feature # 5: Snap to Grid

One of the most difficult challenges at times developers face is about aligning all the visuals well on the report Canvas. Also from a presentation point of view, even the end users expect a better and clean reporting visuals. So, to make this job easier, Snap to Grid feature, comes to the rescue. With this feature, the complete canvas is divided into grid lines with proper coordinates so that all the visuals are lined up properly with minimum efforts.


Power BI Feature # 6: Matrix Conditional Formatting

As the name suggests, this Power BI feature helps in formatting data on the conditional basis, especially in a situation where we need to represent certain


values with a particular color code based on certain conditions.


Power BI Feature # 7: Date Slicer

This new feature of Power BI helps in selecting date range from the slicers with options for Start and End date. This usually helps in fetching the data from certain date range which makes it more interactive to the user and gives more refined results from your data.

These are some of the updates of Power BI Features that we have implemented for our clients. As there are monthly updates which keep releasing we will keep sharing all our experiences in using the Power BI features from time to time. Do let us know your feedback on or you can reach out to us at