PowerBI for Manufacturing Products Industry

After the successful implementation of PowerBI in Education Industry, this time, we had implemented PowerBI for one of the leading Manufacturing products company from Europe. Since the company was into Manufacturing and Sales distribution located in a different geographic location including complete European countries. It was observed during the analysis phase that the Client was having the tough time to track the sales records from all the units and based on the same, plan their production effectively.So to give them a robust solution, we suggested them Microsoft PowerBI as an effective BI solution.
Let us share some of our experience in implementing PowerBI in a Sales driven and Manufacturing industry which might be useful to your business as well.
Sales Counter:
So to begin with, the first feature that we setup was Sales Counter which gives the complete sales with certain attributes. As seen in the image, the sales represent the total value across all the location by Current year, Last month, Last Quarter and Last 6 months accordingly. There can be more parameters but as per the requirement, we created these four counter visuals which will keep updating and display its appropriate value to get the exact track on Sales figure.


Sales Tracking:
Under this feature, User was able to track his sales based upon the months, quarters and Product. At some point even these visuals have the ability to drill down to the day level as well, so by looking into quarters visual, if a user feels to see it further then he can simply use the drill feature and he can go up to from a complete year to single day level drill downs. Also with the help of Product visual, it can easily be figured out which are the top selling products and based on that production can be managed effectively.


Sales Tracking Worldwide:
This feature is somewhere similar to the Sales tracking feature, but as we mentioned the Client had business over multiple geographic locations so to track the sales location wise, we had used this feature which represents sales on a world map. Also to get more clarity the graph represents the top performing countries business wise. Going one step further it also provides the list of top Customers, so that their needs and buying patterns can be considered to improve the sales performances.

Target Tracking:
Likewise, in every sale based industry, even here Client wanted to keep a track on the targets they had set and get timely updated on the same. With the help of this feature, progress of targets was transparent with the management and easily trackable as well. Also, a feature like Products sales month wise was provided, to understand the individual products sales behavior season wise. And to get a summarized view, again counters were provided representing Top Country, Top Customer, Top month, and Top product based on the total sales.
After these successful implementations, we are more confident in bringing more value to your business once again. If you are looking forward to any of such implementation or any of the discussed feature, you can simply mail us on sales@bistasolutions.com or send us your feedback on feedback@bistasolutions.com