Bista Solutions implements Odoo OpenERP for La Ruche Aux Lots EBay store – Odoo ebay Integration

Odoo ERP with Ebay

Great Solution! This integration by Bista solutions is sober and efficient, indeed, thanks to this solution I can import my catalog and all orders placed on my eBay store “La Ruche Aux Lots” and to handle these in Odoo OpenERP, as well the software allows me to manage my inventory and keep stock levels synchronized with eBay, to manage purchases and sales. Another important point, the accounting records are done automatically and properly – Entrepreneur, Founder of La Ruche Aux Lots – Hatim Rahoui


Eliminated the risk of selling items not in stock because stocks levels are maintained in Odoo OpenERP and synched with EBay store

Increased the efficiency of operations, logistics and finance by 20% by  reducing manual processes.

Business working environment has become noticeably more dynamic and target-driven due to access to real-time reporting.


Company required affordable, agile solution to survive and thrive in industry with fierce competition and thin margins

Order processing required manual typing and retyping customer information, slowing sales processes and risking errors.  Lack of analysis and reporting.

Maintaining real time inventory for the huge selection of beads.


Implemented Odoo OpenERP modules for Sales Management, Purchase Management, Warehouse Management, Accounting and Customer Relationship Management.

Implemented BistaSolution’s (Odoo ebay Integration) EBay connector to connect the EBay store with Odoo OpenERP. This gives an integrated view of the entire business

Implemented Odoo OpenERP to provide analytics and give a 360 degree view of the business.

Fast Facts

Client: La Ruche Aux Lots

Country:  France

Industry: Fashion Accessories

Web store:


Odoo OpenERP

EBay connector of BistaSolutions



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Santa Clara, California, 95050