The Complete List of Odoo Modules

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Odoo Modules

One of the characteristics that differentiate Odoo from many other ERP software is its modular architecture. There are over 100 base Odoo modules or odoo apps, covering a vast array of business functions, from Manufacturing, Inventory, and Accounting, to Sales, eCommerce, HR, and even more.

As a customer, this gives you a lot of power in your implementation. You can select the applications most relevant to your business and purchase also implement those. The modules all work functionally together, giving you access to one cohesive ERP system.

Not only do odoo apps make Odoo easy to use, but it also makes it cost-effective since you’re choosing only the modules that are needed for your company. Furthermore, you can set up access rules so employees only have access to the sections relevant to them (e.g. marketing has access to marketing modules, salespeople to sales, accountants to accounting, etc.). This improves the security of your system.

Below, you can find the complete Odoo modules list for Odoo Enterprise Version 15. Feel free to click on the links provided to learn more about any individual module. Meanwhile, if you’d like to jump straight to Odoo pricing per module, click here.

Odoo modules list

Odoo Modules List

*NEW* Odoo 15 Modules

1. Odoo Accounting

  • Accounting and Invoicing-
      • Account receivables
      • Account payables
      • Bank and cash
      • Taxation
      • Reporting
      • Fiscal localizations
  • Expenses
      • Reimburse Expenses
      • Post Expenses Validation
      • Invoice creation
      • Documents
      • Vendor credit Note
      • Tags
      • Contact
      • Owner
  • Documents
      • Vendor credit Note
      • Tags
      • Contact
      • Owner
  •  Sign
      • Electronic Signature.
      • Field type mode
  •  Spreadsheet (BI)

2. Odoo Inventory and Manufacturing

  • Inventory
      • Warehouse Management
      • Shipping
      • Advanced Routes
      • Barcodes
  •  Manufacturing
      • Bills of Materials
      • Kits
      • Semi-finished products Management
      • Quality Control
      • Work Centers
      • Subcontract
      • Master Production Schedule
  • PLM (project Lifecycle Management)
  • Purchase
  • Maintenance

3. Odoo Sales

  • CRM
      • Pipeline Management
      • Leads Acquisition
      • Assign and track leads
      • Analyze performance
      • Everyday Work optimization
  • Sales
      • Send Quotations
      • Invoicing Method
      • Products & Prices
      • Amazon Connector
      • eBay Connector
  • Point of sales (POS)
      • Shop Features
      • Restaurant Features
      • Payment Terminals
      • Pricing Features
      • Fiscal Data Modules
  • Subscription

4. Odoo Marketing

      • Social Marketing
      • Email Marketing
      • SMS Marketing
      • Events
      • Marketing Automation
      • Surveys

5. Odoo Human Resource

      • Employees
      • Recruitment
      • Time Off
      • Appraisals
      • Referrals
      • Fleet

6. Odoo Productivity

      • Discuss
      • Approvals
      • IoT
      • VoIP

7. Odoo Shipping

      • DHL Integration
      • UPS Integration
      • USPS Integration
      • FedEx Integration
      • B post Integration
      • Easy post Integration

8. Odoo Services

      • Project
      • Timesheet
      • Field Service
      • Helpdesk
      • Planning
      • Appointments

9. Odoo Website

  • E-Commerce
      • Manage products
      • Collect taxes
      • Get paid
      • Launch website
      • Maximize revenue
  • Website
      • Publish
      • Optimize
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Live Chat
  • E-learning

Odoo modules

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