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Open Source ERP today called as Odoo ERP is the best ERP for any business with its vast inbuilt custom based apps. From ERP to CRM, eCommerce to CMS, Manufacturing to Supply chain open Source ERP (Odoo) covers all in its community as well as in enterprise version. Open Source ERP has brought tens of thousands of developers and customers to portal and have upgraded to the level where Odoo has become one of the best and most preferred ERP by all industries. You can find Open Source ERP Demo & download link here as well as you can download it from Odoo web portal.

Some the in-built Open Source ERP (Odoo) Apps:

                    SALES APPS                                                                            FINANCE APPS

Odoo CRM Odoo POS Odoo sales Odoo subscription                       Odoo Accounting Odoo Invoicing   Odoo Expenses


OPERATIONS APPS                                                                                MANUFACTURING APPS

Odoo Inventory    Odoo project    Odoo timesheets  Odoo Purchase                Odoo MRP  Odoo PLM   Odoo Quality

Some of the Open Source ERP benefits include;

  1. In-depth Customization: With its in-built 35+ applications and 200+ customized applications, open source ERP has become the most customized and suited ERP with maximum number of applications available.
  2. Scalable: Open Source ERP is easily scalable and can be frequently upgraded with no disruption. With growth in business & increased users, many companies realize that upgrading the software is costly and time consumable but with the open source ERP you can update user base with least implementation.
  3. Lower Costs: Open Source ERP (Odoo) implementation costs lower than any other main frame ERP’s. It is available in both versions Community & Enterprise, where community version is free and is good for the small scale companies with very less operations. Enterprise version suits best to the businesses with medium size operations.
  4. Demo Easily Accessible: Open Source ERP demo is easy accessible and available to download. Companies can access Open Source ERP Demo to test it at their own speed and discretion.

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