"How Netsuite ERP Solution Resolves Your Business Hurdles?"


Mr. Parth Virkud



April 28th, 2017



8:30pm - 9:30pm (IST)
11am - 12pm(ET)


Industries today are facing a genuine concern when it comes to their complex processes versus cost to build and maintain those. With the advent of NetSuite's robust cloud computing this is no more a hurdle. Right from pre-sales to core accounting functions, all of it is a part of this single platform. It ensures hassle-free visibility to the organization, while providing a scalable product that will grow with you - horizontally and vertically.

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Mr.Parth virkud is associated with Bista Solutions, and help them with their global NetSuite practice as a Project Leader.He is leading global implementations in NetSuite ERP and CRM, with a total work experience of 5+ years. He has the capability to deliver as a full-blown business consultant, and work closely with clients to enhance the throughput of their businesses. His professional aim is to deliver and develop while working with world leaders to enhance the efficiency of entire business value chain and to take it to the next level.

He has accomplished many certifications from IIT Bombay, Wharton, Stanford and Yale Universities.

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How you will benefit from this Seminar

  • Understanding the Basic Concepts of NetSuite as an ERP Solution to Business.
  • Helping you finding solutions and area of improvements considering the aspects such as CRM,Inventory Management, ECommerce and many many more.
  • Resolving your business hurdles considering the booming factors in NetSuite.
  • Real Time getting answers to your queries, thereby having a clear view towards growing and boosting your Business scenarios with the help of Netsuite


  • Introduction
  • Key Features
    • Financial Management
    • CRM
    • Inventory Management
    • Order Management
    • ECommerce & Human Capital Management
  • Why NetSuite?
  • Why Bista?
  • Q & A


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