Benefits of ERP and E-commerce Integration

NetSuite’s ERP and CRM modules are very useful for various industries with several perspectives including their accountings and bookkeeping working completely on the cloud. NetSuite has its own eCommerce, Manufacturing, Project Management and various other platforms. Some companies use different tools for different tasks, making multiple platforms working independently and resulting in lots of redundant tasks to make them linked with each other so as to manage the organization efficiently.

For these companies using different platforms, software integration becomes extremely valuable. NetSuite provides a better roof for managing all the different platforms at one place.

There is a list of benefits in integrating NetSuite with your eCommerce or CRM platform comprising them into three main points that make a somewhat different, yet equally poignant, argument for why NetSuite must be integrated with your platform.

  1. Provides Oversight and Control

Sometimes business is about what you can and can’t control. You take control of what you can, and you prepare for what you can’t. However, if your ERP and eCommerce platforms are not communicating, then you are opening yourself up to unnecessary risk by not taking control of a situation you otherwise easily could. By integrating your ERP with CRM and eCommerce, you allow yourself to gain control of the order fulfillment process from the very beginning. Integration takes care of the preliminary stages, such as order taking, support case handling. It would be risky, redundant and tedious for individual employees to engage in on a routine basis. These tasks will be automatically completed with software–guided precision, allowing you to focus on other parts of the fulfillment cycle with more resources and time. An ERP/eCommerce integration will also prevent you from becoming afraid of your own success, as you will no longer have to worry about the huge hike in the orders for an item that is recently launched and put on sale.

  1. Improves The Workplace Culture

With Integration the time consuming and redundant efforts of copying orders and customer information from one platform to another can be utilized in another way. Most people do not wake up excited for a day of tedious, all-risk, no-reward, mind-numbing tasks. With ERP integration with eCommerce, the Employees think of getting a chance to do something advance or enhancing the daily routine of repetitive tasks. Also, it is a great way to cut down on the work that suppresses morale and turns employees into zombies. Instead, your employees will have more time to do tasks that challenge and reward them. The tasks that may be harder than copying and pasting but make you feel like you’ve achieved something after you have finished it. That feeling can lead to a workforce that is hungrier and more motivated, and there are no limits to what an organization can achieve with a staff like that.

  1. Helps in Building Trust Bridge Between You and Your Customers

Customers may not understand how you are able to keep the inventory information 100% accurate on your website or how you are able to keep them up-to-date every time their purchase passes on to the next phase of the fulfillment cycle, but they sure will appreciate it. Being more open to the customers leads to a better and a great relationship resulting in purchases down the line. Combine this new level of relationships with a higher chance of the order being correctly picked, packed, and shipped, due to software-guided communication, and you will have a customer who is assured that the ordering products from your website will give in positive results.

Concluding the above benefits in a single line would be that with the help of integrated systems there is no need to maintain different systems for different functionalities, all the tasks done on the various platform can be Managed under a single roof NetSuite.

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