Interfax Integration with Odoo Openerp


  • Sending and Receiving Fax directly through/in the Odoo Openerp system.
  • Faxes can be sent/ received as an image to/from Odoo Openerp system.

What is Interfax?

Interfax is the Fax service Provider who gives us API to use their services to send and receive Faxes.



 1. User Friendly:

a. User can just log into Odoo Openerp and can have access to all the faxes. No need to log into Interfax account differently.
b. Faxes can be searched by name and date for future references from the same view.
c. Non Attached Faxes can be tracked easily.

2. Time Saving approach:

When integration is not performed in Odoo Openerp, the steps to add a Fax to the required form are:
a. Login to Interfax separately.
b. Download the required Fax.
c. Upload it to Odoo Openerp as an attachment in the form. If Integrated Fax is with Odoo Openerp:
a. Directly attach to any form needed.

3. Data storage and safety:

All Faxes are stored in Odoo Openerp system and can be retrieved when required.


Incoming Fax: Partner –> Interfax —> Odoo Openerp

Interfax provides with Fax number to which any partner can send  the fax and that is fetched into the Odoo Openerp system automatically.

 Outgoing Fax: Openerp –> Interfax –>Partner or any other Fax number.

When user wants to send a fax he/she can send it to any partner or other fax number. User can either add a new file or select from the existing attached faxes to send.


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