NetSuite CRM: Get insights into Sales force productivity

How Sales Managers Can Get Insights of their Sales Team Productivity Using NetSuite CRM

In an organisation it’s important for a sales manager to be informed daily of their sales representatives day to day activities. This includes number of sales calls, meetings attended, targets achieved and their task agenda. All of these activities can be achieved on NetSuite.


NetSuite CRM allow sales manager with simple reporting structure. They can create a custom check box field on phone call from the sales calls, after this a report can be generated which will give sales manager details of the number of calls made one the particular day by the sales representative. Sales manager can define the required customer fields for e.g. If you make phone call as a required field, the phone calls will be directly tied to leads, prospects and customers.

From NetSuite, a report can be emailed to sales manager on regular basis which will include how many calls were made and to whom they were made. By comparing all these reports sales manager can easily correlate and compare the volume of calls and the actually sales conversion.


NetSuite has inbuilt suite analytics which will enable you with the 360 degree view of your organisation. There are many modules and features in NetSuite ERP which will help you to setup processes and report structure and to implement that you need a qualified NetSuite Partner and Bista Solutions helped many customers with NetSuite Implementation.

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