Automate your Purchase Requisition Process with ProcessMaker

Maintaining and managing corporate spending is consider being really critical task, but with the help of ProcessMaker it has been turned into a simple process automated process than you imagine.

ProcessMaker has core capabilities which will enable you to design and automate your organization approvals on the Purchase budget.
Today in this article we would like to show you that how you can design your Purchase Requisition process in ProcessMaker

Complete Process of Purchase Requisition will look like this.


2. Login Screen:

Login screen for ProcessMaker.

ProcessMaker Login

3. View after Login

Inbox view after login in to ProcessMaker.


4. Starting New Case

We can start new case by clicking ‘Start Case’ button in Process Information frame.


5. New Case


6. Filling Form


7. Assigning Case Step:


8. Email Notification with link to respective case:

After assigning the step request information is notify by Auto Generated email notification with pre-design template to the next user.

Processmaker approval

9. Case Received by Department Head:

The request submitted by Applicant will be received his manager



10. IT Head Approval:

For example, if a person has requested for IT Asset, than after approval it will go to the IT manager.


11. Approval Committee Case:

Approval Committee Case

12. Approval Committee Head Case:

Approval Committee Head Case

13. Purchase Department Case:

Here the purchase Manager will get all the information of the purchase request along with the Applicant name and approval date & time.

Purchase Department Case

14. End of Process:

14. End of Process:

15. Request Acceptance Email Notification:

Once the request gets approved by everyone the Applicant will get an auto generated notification along with auto generated output document in the form of attachment.

Request Acceptance Email Notification

16. OUTPUT Document of Process:

OUTPUT Document of Process

17. Request Rejection Email Notification:

If manage rejects purchase request an email notification will goes to the Applicant along with Case no of request, time of rejection and reason of rejection.

Request Rejection Email Notification

I hope this document is helpful, for more information or for the demo request of ProcessMaker email us on