Turn Master Data into Business Application

NetSuite Helps Cosmetics Maker Boost Order Shipments, Reduce Costs, Improve Customer Satisfaction. Bista Solutions has a number of years of expertise in analyzing the ERP for security system requirements offer ERP for security software and developing applications to meet their business ERP for security services needs.

The Challenge

The Organization was facing some of the key challenges:

  1. Efficiently control and track product movement throughout Epicuren’s complex manufacturing processes.
  2. Inefficient usage of storage space from lack of automated inventory control and warehouse management processes.
  3. Order acceptance is delayed by up to 2 days from lack of real-time, integrated order processing.

The Benefits

  1. Real-time inventory data, immediate acceptance of orders and a 125% increase in order shipments.
  2. Raw materials storage space reduced by 33% even with 1,700 active SKUs.
  3. Inventory turns up by 33% & stock-outs down by 25%.

The Overview

  1. Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution of Cosmetics.
  2. Based in Laguna Hills, CA.
  3. Customer since 2011.
  4.  Switched from Sage MAS 200.
  5. Using NetSuite ERP, CRM, Advanced Inventory.
  6.  Partnered with eBizNET Solutions Inc.